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The operating system is the focus of mobile Internet competition

Zhang Lei has been using Nokia. For him, Nokia has enough functions: uploading, instant messaging, sending and receiving e-mail. Saipan S60 operating system is the same as his official business, whose technology is monopolized by two companies in the United States and Japan. It is calm but lack of innovation

his wife uses an Android operating system from Motorola, which has richer downloaded applications and supports multi touch

what the couple use just represents the two extremes of the operating system. Symbian and Android, one of the most classic intelligent operating systems, and the other is the latest operating system

sandwiched between the two are the operating systems of apple, Microsoft and blackberry

Saipan Jiugongge

Saipan was once an unattainable peak

thanks to Nokia's momentum in the global industry, Symbian has also achieved its own glory. From low-end computers to high (1) mechanical resonance end intelligence, the binding of Nokia and Symbian has created Symbian's unified position in the Jianghu

in 1998, Symbian, an independent private company jointly owned by Ericsson, Motorola and Nokia, was established. Panasonic subsequently joined as its shareholder and Licensee

other large manufacturers have invested heavily in obtaining Saipan's license. Siemens, LG and Lenovo have been authorized continuously. In 2006, Saipan intelligent shipped up to 100million units, and Saipan's market share was as high as 60%, which is a height that no operating system can achieve today

in people's memory, Nokia's simple and durable industrial design and Symbian Jiugongge design were all the rage. "My first one is Nokia." Many people say this when they recall

"this one is too ugly." A young man holding iPhone4 pointed to the Nokia N8 advertisement in the subway and sneered mercilessly. But he didn't know that when Nokia was the world's largest manufacturer in 1998, Steve Jobs, the current leader of apple, had just returned to the then struggling Apple company. The iPod had not yet been born, and the iPhone had not even been thought of by visionaries

things are unpredictable. Once the top management of Nokia was full of elites who were born in hardware technology. Once Nokia was jokingly called "Wen can fight, Wu can fight hooligans", which shows its excellent ability in hardware technology

when the iPhone first came into the market, many people's first impression turned out to be that this kind of beautiful looking can withstand a fall like Nokia

the birth of Android's

iphone makes people suddenly realize that there are no moves to win. There are moves not only in martial arts novels: Apple has subverted Nokia, which has hundreds of rich production lines, with only one

compared with the multi touch supported by Apple's IOS operating system and the third-party software supported by app store, the aging Symbian system is like an old tank with no fire and no oil

a corresponding fact is that Nokia has not made much improvement in software services. There are very few executives in software services. Nokia, which relies on Symbian for software, did not expect to be prepared for danger in times of safety, and no one thought that software was more important than hardware. The pixel of the camera, the size of the memory and the industrial design are the directions that consumers and producers are concerned about

in the same period, China has set off a small upsurge. The limited means for these domestic enterprises to attack the city and pull out the stronghold is their beautiful appearance

the trend of mobile Internet is irresistible

in November 2007, Google released the open source mobile operating system Android, and the Android alliance was established. Google announced that 33 terminals and operating enterprises would join the open alliance to jointly develop an open source mobile system called Android. Symbian's Motorola, Sony, Ericsson and Samsung all announced that they would gradually abandon Symbian and switch to Android

in the Symbian era, Motorola, which had to be split and restructured, quickly recovered by relying on Android system. At the end of 2009, Motorola released its first Android. In May 2010, Motorola has turned a loss into a profit

what Nokia did was to completely acquire Symbian. Nokia plans to tie in with Symbian system to the end and transform this old fighting car to resist the impact of apple and Google

however, Symbian system has obvious shortcomings in new technology. In order to upgrade some functions, technicians have to rewrite the system

why not embrace Android like other manufacturers? Nokia executives revealed that in order not to be subject to Google, Nokia can only stick to it by itself. Is there any difference between being in the arms of Google and Microsoft? At least it seems different to Nokia

On February 11, Nokia announced that it would carry out extensive strategic cooperation with Microsoft. The development space and ecological environment of micro enterprises are relatively improved. The soft windows phone operating system will become Nokia's main intelligent platform

it seems that Saipan has been abandoned. However, as a once independent operating system, Symbian still has some time to die

because Nokia and Microsoft operating systems will not be available until 2012 at the earliest. During these two years, Nokia is still using Symbian system to build its intelligence

Nokia still plans to sell another 150million Symbian systems in the future after having sold 200million Symbian machines. Although it seems to be declining, Symbian still has a market advantage in the middle and low-end. Symbian's market share in the field of intelligence is still more than 40%

Gartner, a consulting firm, predicts that Symbian's market share will fall to 32% in 2014, and Android will catch up with and surpass Symbian. However, this transformation will take two to three years. In the case of rapid changes in mobile Internet, any prediction may be inaccurate

according to Lu Libin, an analyst at Analysys International, the Android operating system has chaotic versions, diverse specifications and fast upgrades, and its openness is bound to be accompanied by security risks; Especially recently, Android applications have blossomed, but its audit mechanism is not systematic and lacks standards and thresholds. It can be seen that the problem of technology and standards will become the biggest headache for Android, "while the system is rigorous, they will try to use new means to show new things. Full stability is Symbian's advantage"

"for a long time, Symbian's advantages in developing countries remain unshakable, especially in China, a huge consumer market. After all, China is gradually becoming the world's most potential market, which also determines that Symbian will not retire soon." Said Xu Weite, vice president of Android community. China Youth Daily

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