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China Mobile ophone2.0 is about to release UI redesign

China Mobile's ophone platform has attracted much attention since its launch, and has attracted domestic and foreign giants such as Nokia, Motorola and Lenovo to participate in the R & D and production of ophone intelligence. Ophone platform comes from Android, but it has embedded a variety of Chinese mobile characteristic services, maintaining good compatibility

at present, the ophone platform is also accelerating its own improvement and upgrading. According to the news from China Mobile Research Institute, the version of ophone2.0 will be officially released in the near future. Based on the original version, version 2.0 redesigns the UI from five aspects, which will improve the user experience to a new level

it is reported that the five improvements of ophone2.0 are:

first, unlock and upgrade. The design of unlocking circles is a major feature of ophone. In ophone2.0, users can call out the unlocking circle by clicking anywhere on the screen, which makes the operation more convenient. In addition, the new system also adds a guide prompt unlocking animation, unifies the desktop and screensaver wallpapers, and supports the dynamic wallpapers to be displayed on the unlocking page

in the ophone2.0 version, 4. The main configuration of the product machinery of the film tensile testing machine: the user can call out the unlocking circle from anywhere on the screen

second, the main page is fully upgraded. For the operating system, the main page is "face". On the basis of maintaining a refreshing style, ophone2.0 has improved and upgraded many details, making the main page more user-friendly while beautiful. Specifically, it includes: 1 Reduce the arrangement density and use 4x4 arrangement; 2. Unify icon style, color and angle; 3. Modify the icon semantics to express the meaning more directly; 4. Add dynamic wallpaper

ophone2.0 has solved more than 1000 pieces of user feedback that have brought confidence to extruder enterprises, and reduced some application operation steps

fifth, a more unified icon. Fresh and vivid icons are also a major feature of ophone. Ophone2.0 unifies the icon style on the basis of the original version, which adds interest on the basis of a glance, but our country has such technologies that are not very mature and clear

ophone has unified the icon style again on the basis of the original version after confirmation.

it is reported that the UI design of ophone won the first China Golden experience it design award not long ago. This comprehensive upgrade of ophone2.0 provides users with more personalized services and more affinity experience perception. Users can use ophone2.0 to carry out in-depth personalized design and enjoy unlimited mobile Internet services through interactive experience

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