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China Mobile officially requested the secondary confirmation of SP on-demand service

on August 14, yesterday afternoon, the relevant documents officially issued by China Mobile to implement the secondary confirmation of dream on-demand service were exposed on the. The document stipulates that the on-demand services of all domestic SPS (including SMS, MMS and IVR services) shall be confirmed by August 31 and officially launched in September

the following is the full text of the second confirmation document for the implementation of dream on demand business by China Mobile:

companies in provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government:

in order to implement the purpose of "customer-oriented and service-oriented", further strengthen the management of mobile dream business, fully protect the rights and interests of customers in advance, and reduce the risk of violations of dream on-demand information business, Ltd. has decided to fully implement the secondary confirmation of on-demand SMS, MMS and IVR services for all mobile dream SPS (including all SPS and local SPS). All companies are requested to formulate implementation plans as soon as possible and complete the deployment on schedule. The specific requirements are as follows:

first, the implementation scheme of secondary confirmation of on-demand service

enable the secondary confirmation of on-demand by SPS with credit points lower than 60 points, It is expanded to enable the first on-demand secondary confirmation of all sp (including all SP and local SP) dream on demand services on the same day, including all local dream SMS, MMS and IVR services

the second confirmation of the first VOD on the same day, that is, when the customer first VODs the SMS or MMS business on the same day, the system sends a confirmation message to the customer. After the customer replies to the confirmation message, the SP is allowed to provide services to the customer and charge the information fee. The customer does not need to confirm the same business again on the same day. On demand confirmation information should be uniformly distributed through the "10086" port. Please strive to be economical and fair for the content template. Please refer to the requirements of China Mobile Co., Ltd. [2010] No. 43 notice. For IVR service, the user needs to confirm according to the system prompt tone before charging. See Annex I for specific requirements

II. Requirements for the implementation of secondary confirmation of on-demand service

1. All companies are requested to formulate an implementation plan for the full implementation of the secondary confirmation of all local SMS and MMS services and local IVR on-demand services (all IVR services are operated uniformly by the limited company) from the date of receiving the notice to August 20, 2010, including the evaluation of network performance. 2) type inspection should be carried out in case of one of the following situations:, the time when all the implementation is completed, etc. If the business volume of the province is large and cannot be completed at one time, it should also include the detailed rules for batch implementation according to the partner business, such as zhoufulin, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, credit rating, etc. All provinces can start to implement the plan after it is formulated, and report the detailed plan to the limited company through the data business exchange platform

2. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the second confirmation, the data Department of the limited company has coordinated the network department and the business support system department to evaluate the network capacity of the provincial SMS customs and 10086 SMS business hall. It is found that some provinces have insufficient capacity. The data departments of the provinces are requested to actively cooperate with the network department and the business support system Department of the provinces, closely track the changes in the network capacity during the implementation process, and deal with the problems of insufficient capacity, Actively coordinate with relevant departments to solve the problem, and incorporate it into the plan and report it in time

3. Except for the provinces where the basic network capacity is insufficient and needs to be expanded, the work of fully implementing the secondary confirmation of Quanhe local SMS, MMS and local IVR on demand services is required to be completed by August 31, 2010. After the plan is reported, all companies need to report the implementation progress through the data business exchange platform on a weekly basis

III. customer service requirements

1. While implementing the above measures, all companies are requested to actively communicate with the provincial communications administration and other government departments, formulate reasonable customer service interpretation caliber, and fully do a good job in customer service

2. Actively cooperate with the market customer service department of each company, closely track the changes of complaints during the full implementation of the secondary confirmation of on-demand business, find problems in time, evaluate and summarize the effect after the implementation, and report through OA official documents within two months after the full implementation of the secondary confirmation of on-demand business in this province. Tencent Technology

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