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Mobile operators will be able to enter the $1.3 trillion tourism ecosystem.

mobileum's rovng solution can help mobile operators use their roaming data to enter the $1.3 trillion tourism service provider ecosystem, Mobileum, a leader in providing analytical solutions for telecom companies, has launched its rovng application at the world mobile communication conference in Barcelona (mobile w7.5.5.2 the quality level of each type inspection is determined comprehensively by the inspection results of all inspection items, while the luggage rack support for related work such as communication is realized by internal hardware modules). This intelligent application can support mobile operators to go beyond the traditional roaming business and become an important enabler in the tourism value chain. Rovng takes advantage of the roaming solution widely deployed by mobileum around the world and improves it with the help of the analysis of the passenger journey life cycle, providing situational content from the ecosystem of tourism service providers, thereby opening new opportunities for mobile operators to earn revenue

according to the ITB academy, the tourism industry will grow by 7% in 2016, and international tourists are expected to exceed 1.13 billion. However, this growth in tourism is not in proportion to the growth in mobile roaming revenue. Avnish chauhan, chief technology officer of mobileum and executive vice president of tourism vertical business, said: mobile operators account for only 2% of the global tourism cake. We are trying to change this situation and make mobile operators an important participant in the tourism ecosystem

the algorithm independently developed by mobileum can predict the tourism planning of passengers 40 days before departure at most, and the retrieval accuracy is 40% higher than that of the manual layout of the broach, and it can segment passengers based on the prediction of tourism purposes. This creates an opportunity for mobile operators to get involved in the booking process in the travel cycle earlier. Mobile operators will thus obtain new revenue streams from the following areas - digital advertising, high-quality advertising, booking, and even upward sales of preferential roaming packages

intelligence has now become the main channel for travel booking; By 2017, more than 30% of travel bookings will be made on mobile devices. Chauhan continued: rovng can provide personalized situational experience, create a one-stop store as an operator brand tourism application for mobile operator users, and create additional revenue for mobile operators

rovng can also use tourism insight and ecosystem API to support an existing mobile operator application and connect it to mobileum's cloud supported service

from February 22 to 25, 2016, mobileum demonstrated the rovng solution at the world mobile communication conference

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