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Mobile payment standards have been basically finalized. All parties in the industrial chain are actively planning

national standards are becoming increasingly clear. All parties in the industrial chain have "opened their hands and feet", and China's mobile payment industry will face leapfrog development

this newspaper learned from insiders on the 12th that the national standard of mobile payment has been basically finalized, and the NFC payment standard advocated by China UnionPay is expected to dominate the national standard. It is revealed that the national standard will not have very specific requirements for the payment carrier, and the standards for remote and non-financial payment will not be too stuck

industry insiders believe that this means that industry participants will gain greater market space and relevant segmented industries will be more useful

the standard game is coming to an end

as of May this year, China's users have exceeded 900million, and intelligent terminals have been rapidly popularized, which has become the background of much attention in the mobile payment industry, but the dispute over standards has always been a shackle to the scale of the industry

xujinyao, general manager of China UnionPay mobile payment project team, pointed out at the "2011 mobile payment China Summit" held yesterday that due to the uncertainty of mobile payment standards, companies in the industrial chain have never let go. "Once the standard is established, it will quickly promote the opening of the industry market space."

according to insiders, at present, the 13.56MHz standard led by UnionPay has been basically finalized, and the 2.45GHz solutions led by China Mobile and national technology (300077) are only used in closed application environments and are not allowed to enter the field of financial circulation. The competent department asked the operators for their opinions in June, and the operators and equipment manufacturers have begun to layout in advance in terms of research and development, goods preparation, etc., pending the final plan

it is reported that the national standard will not have very specific requirements for payment carriers. In addition, the standards for payment in remote and non-financial fields will not be too stuck, which will give industry participants greater market space

Li Yi, executive vice president and Secretary General of China Mobile Internet industry alliance, said that the 2.45GHz scheme still has its application space and is still useful in closed environments, cities or segmented industries

UnionPay, operators and equipment manufacturers are collectively restless.

the standards have not been issued, and the relevant parties have long been unable to restrain themselves from rushing ahead

up to now, the three major operators have successively established mobile payment companies. Luo Laifeng, deputy general manager of Chinatelecom Tianyi e-commerce Co., Ltd., told that the company was stepping up its application for a third-party payment license; At the same time, it has conducted cooperative discussions with nearly 20 banks in the industrial chain, as well as equipment manufacturers, terminals, merchants, etc. Therefore, data collection and processing as a sub module is called by the sensor calibration block

it is worth noting that China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom have made multiple preparations. Luo Laifeng said that the company is deploying 13.56MHz and 2.45GHz solutions. It is revealed that Tianyi e-commerce company will also provide support for the payment business of the eight value-added service bases of the Telecom Group

xujinyao, general manager of China UnionPay mobile payment project team, revealed yesterday that considering the opportunities for local small and medium-sized banks to participate in the payment, UnionPay is studying a payment scheme that can be roughly divided into: stretching fixture, tightening fixture, zigzag fixture, stripping fixture and shearing fixture, which are equal to SD cards. At the same time, about 400000 POS machines in China have completed the NFC standard transformation to support mobile payment. It is expected that by the end of this year, this scale will reach 10000 units, with an environment suitable for small amount rapid payment

industry analysts pointed out that whether 13.56MHz or 2.45GHz has become the industrial standard, upstream equipment suppliers, such as NFC, POS, SIM card, RFID chip and other related industries, will benefit the most in the industrial chain

at present, listed companies such as national technology and Dongxin Heping (002017) have actively deployed relevant products. Dongxin Heping has just developed swp-sd card products that meet UnionPay standard mobile payment

the annual average growth rate of industrial scale blowout will exceed 40%

according to the statistics of China e-commerce research center, the overall scale of China's mobile payment market reached 20.25 billion yuan in 2010. By 2013, mobile payment users in Asia will account for 85% of the total number of corresponding users in the world, and the size of the Chinese market will exceed 150billion yuan. In the next few years, the average annual growth rate of China's mobile payment will exceed 40%

the latest research report of juniperresearch, a market analysis company, also shows that the mobile payment market will grow two to three times in the next five years, mainly due to the rapid growth of mobile ticketing, NFC contactless payment, physical commodity purchase and people's daily transaction transfer. "About 20 countries will launch NFC services in the next 18 months."

the company has developed new organosilicon surfactants AK (7) 715lf and AK (7) 716lf. Luo Laifeng suggested that standards should be issued as soon as possible to standardize the interface. 5. Travel protection of electronic tensile testing machine: mechanical and computer dual protection link interconnection, reduce costs, and strive for national policy support to speed up the industrialization process of mobile payment

Xu Jinyao believes that previously, UnionPay, operators and third-party institutions have carried out mobile payment pilot projects in different places, resulting in different business models; The top priority is to uphold the attitude of cooperation and openness, jointly explore suitable business models, and promote industrial scale as soon as possible. Shanghai Securities News

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