PolyOne recently announced that it would restructu

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PolyOne recently announced that it will restructure the assets of North America

PolyOne, the world's leading provider of polymer materials solutions, recently announced that it will restructure the assets of North America to better serve customers and improve asset utilization

the targets of these restructuring activities include spartec, which was acquired in 2013. The acquired assets have been placed in Ramo, Mexico. In his view, s currently belongs to the productive services group of the high-performance products and solutions department

Robert Terson, chief operating officer and executive vice president of PolyOne, said, "our multinational customers are increasingly choosing to produce in North America, and they generally choose Mexico as the first choice. In order to make the whole experimental process more smooth, under the leadership of our productive services team in Texas, we expect to expand our production capacity in Mexico."

Stephen wlin, chairman, President and CEO of PolyOne, said, "we are very satisfied with the acquisition of spartech, and we can still see opportunities to expand our product portfolio."

at the same time, the device located in Rockport, New York, will also be included in the production service team. PolyOne will close the servo control software of our tensile testing machine in Pennsylvania. The advantages are as follows: the management office in Washington County, which will move to West brook, Texas

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