Polymer materials in the hottest football shoes

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Polymer materials in football shoes

at present, the mainstream vamp materials (fabrics) of football shoes include kangaroo skin, cow leather, man-made fiber and fabric. Different fabrics have different advantages and disadvantages, and everyone has different wearing preferences. The specific differences are as follows

1. What is the difference between football shoes made of various materials (fabrics)

① kangaroo skin

this is the most iconic football shoe fabric. For a long time, kangaroo skin was the top status symbol. Up to now, some players believe that non kangaroo skin football shoes are not top-level, or even truly professional football shoes. Kangaroo leather is characterized by its soft, thin, tough, breathable and waterproof performance. It is recognized as the best natural leather on the earth. It is the most suitable for football shoes with fierce resistance, high tear strength and better touch, waterproof and breathable performance. However, because kangaroos are small in size and aggressive animals, the original skin will have many scars, and there are not many parts that can be used to make football shoes. In addition, only kangaroo skin is exported from Australia, so the production cost of kangaroo skin football shoes is high and the price is expensive. The disadvantage of kangaroo skin is that it is too soft and easy to collapse or stretch too much, that is, it is easy to deform or cross larger after actual combat, and the wrapping feeling is greatly reduced; It is easy to open the glue, which is too soft, and the chemical properties of natural leather and glue are different, so it is not compatible; It is not suitable for rain fighting. Natural leather will appear color peeling, loosening and aging after soaking in water

② cow leather

in the past, cow leather was generally used on non top football shoes, mainly because cow leather also has the characteristics of soft touch, good breathability, and low raw material cost. In recent years, due to the sharp rise in the raw material cost of kangaroo skin, many brands have replaced kangaroo skin with tanned cow leather or calf leather for top football shoes. At present, the tanning technology of leather manufacturers can be said to be at its peak, and the texture of tanned cow leather or calf leather can be infinitely close to kangaroo skin. However, the toughness and water resistance of cow leather are always inferior to kangaroo skin, which is more obvious after actual combat, and it is relatively prone to deformation, surface peeling and looseness

③ artificial fiber

the application of artificial fiber in football shoes is to make up for the shortcomings of natural leather. For example, although natural leather is soft and feels good, it has poor hair force; Natural leather is easy to deform after actual combat; Natural leather is not suitable for rain warfare; Natural leather is easy to open and has poor durability; Natural leather is not suitable for adding too many patterns, colors, coatings or auxiliary designs on the surface, because it is easy to peel off. After years of development, at present, the artificial fiber of football shoes can not only make up for many shortcomings of natural leather, but also basically simulate all the advantages of natural leather, which is more durable and has lower raw material cost. The development trend of football shoes is that man-made fibers gradually replace natural leather. Of course, man-made fiber fabrics are also divided into different grades, corresponding to different grades of football shoes. We generally call the good man-made fiber super fiber and the poor PU. Finally, we should add that poor air permeability is a prominent problem of most man-made fibers

④ fabric

in recent two years, fabric football shoes have sprung up, aiming to provide the most natural feeling of barefoot. The most representative are Nike poison front and ghost brand. Once it was difficult for us to imagine how fabric could be applied to football shoes, because we were worried about whether fabric could withstand such a high-intensity confrontation of football, but the era of change has come. First of all, the nikeskin fabric of poison Feng makes the vamp show concave convex three-dimensional lines through special weaving methods, and is covered and fixed with hot-melt film; The ghost brand uses flyknit yarn to provide a sock like fit. Of course, the surface layer still depends on hot-melt film to improve its strength. Fabric football shoes do bring us an unprecedented sense of barefoot experience, but the prominent problems are high production cost, high price, general sense of strength and insufficient durability. Some entry-level football shoes also use fabric, but that kind of fabric is commonly known as "cloth surface", which is woven into dense fiber cloth, with low cost but wrapping feeling In the moving process, the pendulum should be removed, and its support, sense of force and durability are poor

2. What material is the sole of football shoes

the outsole materials of football shoes are generally divided into TPU, nylon, carbon fiber and rubber


its full name is thermoplastic polymer. In order to solve these problems, people turn their attention to the new field of urethane, which is widely used on the soles of all levels of football shoes. It has the characteristics of toughness, wear resistance, transparency and low cost, and is very in line with the requirements of high-strength resistance and pattern decoration of football shoes. The disadvantage is that it is relatively heavy


nylon outsole has only developed in recent years. As modern football increasingly pursues speed, football shoes must reduce weight, and nylon, which is lighter and more resilient, has become the best choice. However, nylon has the disadvantages of insufficient toughness, non transparency and high cost. It is generally only used in football shoes of the second top level or above

every 1 ton of thermal insulation material carbon fiber

its characteristics are light, high elasticity and unique high-end instant vision, but the disadvantage is that the cost is very high and the requirements for the use site are also very high. It is generally used in super top football shoes


generally, the football shoes with rubber outsole are broken nails and flat bottomed football shoes. Because the use field is relatively hard, the rubber has certain cushioning performance, and the friction can also meet the needs of grasping the ground

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