Polymer price in the hottest Asian market

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Polymer price in Asian market

price type: CIF CFR unit: USD/ton

product name specification model regional average quotation compared with the previous week

pvc suspension Far East 510-5

pvc suspension Southeast Asia 510-5

ldpe general Far East 605-2.5

ldpe general Southeast Asia 605-10

lldpe butylenyl Far east 525 manufacturers should participate in the corresponding control system - 15

LLDPE butenyl Southeast Asia 525-15

HDPE injection molding Far East 515-10

HDPE injection molding Southeast Asia 515-10

HDPE blow molding Far East 535-10

HDPE blow molding Southeast Asia 535-10

HDPE film far east 535-10

HDPE film Southeast Asia 535 - currently 10

PS general Far East 715-30

PS general Southeast Asia 745-10

PS high resistance Far East 745-30

PS high resistance Southeast Asia 770-10

P "we should focus on the key areas of P homopolymerization (injection) far east 6005

PP homopolymerization (injection) Southeast Asia 6005

ppipp film far east 61010

ppipp film Southeast Asia 61010

ppbopp Far East 62010

ppbopp Southeast Asia 6300

PP copolymerization Far East 64510

PP copolymerization east the field utilization of controllable fully biodegradable mulching film undertaken by Pingquan County agricultural comprehensive technology implementation center has been tested 1 high praise from experts from China Plastics Processing Industry Association, National Agricultural Technology Promotion Service Center, China Agricultural Plastics Utilization Technology Association and other pre meeting experts South Asia 6455

ABS injection molding Far East 930-10

ABS injection molding Southeast Asia 930-10

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