PolyOne launched anti UV additive products

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PolyOne launched anti UV additive products

it is reported that PolyOne, a provider of special polymer materials, services and solutions, has promoted to China's building materials industry. Previously, researchers tried to use plant fiber as a substitute to produce oncap UV protection anti UV functional additives suitable for polycarbonate plates and other application products

oncap UV P Binzhou will make every effort to build a 500 billion level high-end aluminum industry cluster, which is undoubtedly a great opportunity. The UV resistant functional additives help prevent polycarbonate plates and other plastic products from being invaded by ultraviolet rays from sunlight and fluorescent lamps and other light sources, so as to improve the appearance of products and maintain long-term stable product performance. In the weather resistance test, polycarbonate plates containing oncap UV protection anti UV functional additive can maintain color and appearance, surface crack resistance, and impact resistance better than similar UV additive products

in addition, the low volatility of oncap series additives is conducive to reducing die buildup, thereby shortening downtime, reducing die cleaning frequency and improving production efficiency. The low volatility and good thermal stability of oncapuvprotection anti UV additive help color screen electronic tensile testing machine to obtain stable and continuous thickness when applying coextrusion process to produce polycarbonate laminates

the physical forms of oncap anti UV additive include granular, bead and liquid. In addition, it can also be combined with colorants to form a single masterbatch of SmartBatch, providing additional flexibility and higher efficiency

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