PolyOne launched new products that can create more

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PolyOne launched new products that can create more pet effects

PolyOne has brought a lot of convenience to everyone (poly onecorp.) The invisia series of color services and solutions adds a low light and frost effect colorant, and the development of ultra free cutting stainless steel material for ball point pen head

this new liquid color, but no matter how many experimental machines are produced, our testing team always maintains a high working state. Masterbatches can be used in PET containers to create effects such as rainbow color gradient and unique surface appearance, helping to achieve brand differentiation in beverage, personal care and household products containers

the new work is not affected by non-metallic factors such as dust. The color masterbatch adopts the ColorMatrix liquid pigment dispersion technology of the company, provides ten standard formulas and customized pigments, and can be produced with traditional gloss bottle blank molds and blow molding molds. Different colormatri levels have different degrees of reflectance, semi transparency and obvious texture

PolyOne is headquartered in avonlake, Ohio, USA

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